"Such audacious optimism is one of the most infectious, exciting qualities ... at this spring's Q conference, the signature annual gathering of next-generation Christian leaders."
"...they are not abandoning Christianity's core principles but finding a new way of engaging with the world."
"...hearing from leaders from all channels of culture...and learning from them. That is, Q's larger theme -- what ideas can we bring to the table to help with the Common Good?"
This intentional gathering is designed to bring together the best and brightest leaders working for shalom in their city. Within that city, we select a venue that is rich in historical significance and architectural beauty that represents the cultural ethos of the city.
Roundtable Discussions
Participants are seated at roundtables so that conversations can naturally follow main stage presentations. We personalize seating plans for each session to facilitate new introductions, conversations and potential collaborations.
Speakers present their big idea in concise 18, 9, or 3-minute formats. Participants are exposed to numerous ideas from unexpected points of view that sharpen their understanding, deepen their cultural awareness and motivate their action.
Expert Interaction
World-class experts in sociology, theology, philosophy, science, technology, and industry are at your fingertips. From informal Q&A Talkbacks to inviting a mentor to dinner, opportunities abound at Q for you to engage with experts on the most pressing questions you face.
Q brings together church and cultural leaders from every channel of culture. Each is committed to learning about the most pressing issues facing our culture and collaborating around how to advance the common good in their own city.
In downtown Denver, The Studio Loft will play host to Q Cities | Denver. As part of The Denver Performing Arts Complex, this beautiful location harbors a cathedral ceiling that is home for Broadway rehearsals, dance performances and events that elevate the arts.