The Buzz about Q Conference


The Q Experience


Q Immersion

Experiential Learning in Culture and Conversation

Learning comes through exposure. The Q experience will immerse you in southern California culture and conversation. In addition to main stage presentations, each leader can select one learning community in a specific industry, areas of culture, or social issue.

Thought Leaders

Presentations Curated to Challenge and Move Us Forward

Speakers present their big idea in concise 18, 9, or 3-minute formats. Participants are exposed to numerous ideas from unexpected points of view that sharpen their understanding, deepen their cultural awareness, and motivate their action.

Culture Center - Los Angeles

Explore New Expressions of the Gospel in this Hub of Media and Arts

Each year Q is hosted in a new city that exposes participants to different cultural contexts where the Gospel is going forward. This year, Q is hosted at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles.

Influencers Like You

Thinkers, Poets, Theologians, Entertainers, Business Leaders & More

Q brings together church and cultural leaders from every channel of culture. Each is committed to learning about the most pressing issues facing our culture and collaborating around how to advance the common good in a pluralistic society.

Peer Accountability

Discover a Tribe of Like-Minded Innovators on a Similar Journey

Through participant-directed lunches, dinners, and after-parties in the convenient L.A. LIVE complex, opportunities to reflect and react with leaders from various channels of culture proliferate.

Motivated Experts

One-on-One Interaction with Experienced Practitioners & Great Minds

World-class experts in sociology, theology, philosophy, science, technology, and industry are at your fingertips. From informal Q&A Talkbacks to inviting a mentor to dinner, opportunities abound at Q for you to engage with experts on the most pressing questions you face.